Death is eminent.

We churn through life from birth to death like a train – destined to follow a track. The train may slow or speed along, but it can never stray from the course. There are two ways to ride on this train. There are two kinds of passengers.

The first passenger holds on tight, wears a seat belt, grasps the armrest, and is pulled along the path always looking forward toward the last stop. It’s safe. He’s locked into a seat. He moves forward, as all do, in relative comfort. Bumps and stops come and go for him as they do for all. But someone else is in control. He is safe as long as he is strapped in.

The second passenger lets go. He is the person who stands and walks about the train. He may be thrashed to the front of the car and back again with each start and stop. His head may be jostled, his clothes ruffled, his arms and legs bruised by every manner of cart or seat or overhead bin. But he’s free to move about the car or into adjoining cars. This is opportunity. He is able to meet any number of passengers, each with a different story, a different journey, and a different adventure. This can be dangerous. The passenger may be hurt or worse. But he may also experience the richness of life – variety. He is stimulated. He can visit the dining car, the bar car, the sleeper car, first class, second class. He is limited only by his own desires.

But the second passenger must be mindful that he is a rare breed. He must be kind to the other passengers as he fleets in and out of their cars. The first cannot help themselves, as they are paralyzed with fear. They desperately cling to their seats afraid to reach the final stop. Some envy the second and respect the second for his lack of fear. Others consider him a fool. Fear keeps them firmly in their seats – seeing the world through only one tiny window.


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