entertain / engage / elicit

feature films \ˈfē-chər ˈfilms\ projects

1. THE GREAT WAR - sci-fi / action
An orphaned rebel and her reborn great grandfather must escape the confines of their dystopian world, travel through time to the Great War, and prevent the assassination of Adolf Hitler in order to restore history on its natural course.

2. ROAD TO NOWHERE - character drama
Rejected by his own parents, a young man finds a family to love when he moves in with his best friend, until he descends into a life of crime destroying his newfound home.

3. PALLBEARERS - western / historical drama
A cowboy’s life is remembered by six men who carry his coffin, one of whom is his killer.

4. THE HUNT - character drama
A group of friends struggles to remain intact after one of them is mistaken for a buck and killed by another during a drunken hunting trip.

5. UNDERGROUND EMPIRE - sci-fi / adventure
Anthropologist John Baldwin rescues his estranged wife from the technologically advanced descendants of the long lost Anasazi Indians, who relocated underground in the late 1300s and have been living beneath us for centuries.