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television \ˈte-lə-ˌvi-zhən\ projects

1. THE SERVICE - one hour serial drama
Wildlife trafficking is the third most lucrative criminal enterprise in the world. Special agents of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service operate undercover, infiltrating criminal enterprises to thwart the greatest predator of all: man.

2. HARMONY - one hour serial sci-fi drama
Eighty years after a virus killed most of humanity ,the leader of a peaceful community of survivors must protect his people from the dangers of the outside world, including the reemerging United States military.

3. ROBOT MONKEY - half hour animated sci-fi
Pursued by an evil agent, a genius teenage girl races to reassemble a dismantled military super robot so she can free her captive father who was jailed for destroying the robot he himself created.

4. CHASING ANNA - one hour serial character drama
Anna Moretti is forced to hide from her abussive husband illegally in the United States while she struggles to overcome her bipolar disorder and seeks counsel from her mentor, the ghost of Anna Mangani.

5. NEXT STOP HOPE - one hour serial character drama
In the Florida swamps where interstates 10 and 75 meet, Mattie Pearl struggles to keep Hope Travel Oasis operational amid financial crisis by incorporating it as a town and becomming its first mayor.